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Local Guardians

Local Guardian Responsibilities

WHG Local Guardians (LG) are the student's first point of contact during their stay in the UK.

LGs can help with all matters from homesickness, booking transport and accommodation to helping replace lost or forgotten items.

Each LG is personally recruited and trained by our Area Development Manager and regularly attend WHG Head Office for training updates. 

The LGs are all trained to level 2 Safeguarding or higher and are available 24/7 for all students.

Each WHG area has contracts with local taxi companies that the LGs use when booking transport. All drivers are police checked to provide safe travel for all students.

All LGs have their own host families they use for accommodation. For further information please click here.


What does the LG do?

The LG will visit your son or daughter within the first two weeks of school, and submit a settling-in report via the MyWHG Portal.

LGs can arrange transport whenever and to wherever when required. Taxi companies send the invoice directly to WHG Accounts Department at Head Office, who charge the cost of the journey to your expenses deposit.

Once travel has been booked, the LG will submit a Travel Report to MyWHG, which will automatically notify you by email.

LG can arrange accommodation with a WHG Host Family. All WHG Host Families in all areas are available to all students. This means if you need to visit a University or would like to visit another town, we can arrange transport and a safe place to stay if it is one of our areas.

All accommodation bookings are also entered into the MyWHG portal where you will be able to view the profile of the Host Family that your son or daughter is staying with.

All extras are charged at cost to your Expenses Deposit Account, statements can be viewed at any time via the MyWHG Portal.


Depending on the guardianship level, your LG will:

Contact your son or daughter weekly, visiting them each half term.

Weekly contact updates are submitted to MyWHG Portal for parents to view.

Submit pastoral reports at the end of each term which will be sent to you automatically by email and available on MyWHG Portal.

 Attend school functions, such as Parent Teacher Meetings, where needed.

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Local Guardian Network

The head office, in Bournemouth, together with our nationwide network of Local Guardians provide 24/7 support to students under our care and our network of host families.

The map shows the locations of our Local Guardians, click/tap an area for more information.

Photograph of Sue & Simon Lawrence

1066 Country

Sue & Simon Lawrence more information
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Sue & Richard Cameron more information
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Blackmore Vale

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Ruth Perrins more information
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Jurassic Coast

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London West

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Magna Carta

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North Downs

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Ribble Valley

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Sussex Downs

Rachel Stacey & David Chidley more information

The Broads

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The Dales

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The Fens

Sarah Barker more information
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The Highlands

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The Lakes

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The Marches

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