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Principal Guardianship

UK Guardianship

Our Principal guardianship is a proactive service. As well as emergency care, students are allocated a Local Guardian who will make regular contact to ensure their well-being and write pastoral reports back to parents four times per year.

Safeguarding & Host Families

The safety of students is paramount. All WHG staff and Local Guardians undergo regular security screening checks known as a DBS (police-check). All our host families are recruited by WHG and not via an agency. Each member of a host family, over 16 years old, have been DBS checked and been visited by their LG before they are accepted as a WHG family.  Annual reviews of the family and home are also carried out to ensure a pleasant and safe environment is being provided.

Emergency contact 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Someone is always available in the event of an emergency: +44 3 458 686 688

About Our Principal Guardianship Service

An assigned Local Guardian (LG)

The LG will always be the main contact between school, student and parents. Each LG is trained by WHG at our Head Office in Bournemouth by a child protection specialist to level 2 safeguarding.

Arrangement of transport

All transport is arranged by the LG using private hire companies under contract with WHG. Transport updates are sent to parents and viewable on the MyWHG Online Portal. 

Personal Visits from your WHG Local Guardian

Your LG will arrange to meet you at the school soon after your arrival. This is to make sure you are settling in well. There will be further personal visits, once either side of the half term holiday (twice per term).

Weekly contact with your LG

As well as your personal visits, your Local Guardian will make contact with you weekly by text, email, WhatsApp etc.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Attendance at Parent-Teacher Meetings included upon your request.

Regular Reports

The Local Guardian will submit up to four pastoral reports during the year (start of guardianship, December, April, July). They will also attend parent and teacher meetings and relay information back to the parents.  All of these reports will be sent directly to parents and are also available to view on the MyWHG Online Portal.

MyWHG Portal Account

All information regarding travel, accommodation, reports and finances are updated and accessible via your MyWHG account. This is created as part of your online application or from our website via this link https://whg.eu.com/my-whg

Easy To Apply

The quickest way to apply is online - complete our secure one-page form and have guardianship organised in 1 hour.

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WHG does not charge arrangement fees for anything purchased on behalf of students.

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Annual Guardianship Fee
Expenses Deposit
Other charges (where applicable)
Christmas Supplement
Holiday Guardianship Fee (per day)
Family Accommodation (minimum charge 1.5 nights)
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