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Whistleblowing Policy

WHG requires all staff to uphold the law and place the safety of others at the forefront of their duties. For this reason, we encourage whistleblowing in the following instances:
  • someone’s health or safety is in danger
  • actions that negatively affect the welfare of children (not only WHG students)
  • damage to the environment
  • a criminal offence
  • not obeying the law
  • covering up wrongdoing
Where staff have concerns they should aim to report it internally first before using an external ‘prescribed person or body’. Making a report to an external person may only be undertaken where the staff member thinks WHG will cover the matter up, would treat them unfairly if they complained or have raised the matter before, but the concern hasn’t been dealt with.
Staff members with concerns should follow these steps:
1. Contact a WHG partner

Peggotty Moore – peggotty@whg.eu.com

James Hume – james@whg.eu.com

Will Hume – will@whg.eu.com

(If the issue involves a WHG partner a suitable impartial representative will be involved.)

2. Contact AEGIS our accrediting body

The Wheelhouse
Bond's Mill Estate
Bristol Road
GL10 3RF

Tel: +44 (0) 1453 821293


3. Contact the Police

If the concern involves an immediate threat to a child’s safety, the Police should be contacted on 101. If the student is under 16 years old, the Local Authority should be contacted immediately.

For further help you can call the NSPCC helpline:


0800 028 0285 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday

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