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Student Behaviour Policy


We would like you to enjoy your time in the UK and achieve great success at school. While you are here it may help to be aware of the following:

Respect and Manners

Be polite and respect everybody you meet. Use please and thank you at all times. When you are staying in a host family remember it is not a hotel. Keep your room tidy, help to clear up after meals and be a part of the family.


Please behave appropriately at all times and remember:

  • Alcohol
    • It is forbidden to all persons under the age of 18 years to consume alcohol.
  • Drugs
    • The use of non-prescribed drugs is strictly forbidden and the law regarding this is enforced very strictly.
  • Smoking
    • It is a criminal offence to buy tobacco products under the age of 18. Smoking is forbidden in schools and in most public places.

Breaking any UK laws or school rules could result in suspension or expulsion.


It is not acceptable to take part in any behaviour towards another person that negatively affects them either physically, mentally or emotionally.

Warning Letters

If your behaviour causes disruption either at school or in a host family WHG will issue a warning letter to your parents.


If you are expelled from school or from any WHG programme you will be sent home immediately.

Loss of Visa

If you are expelled from school you will lose your visa and have to return home immediately.

White House Guardianships

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