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Queen Margaret's School - York

Will & Peggotty visited Queen Margaret's School in York, December 2016. A beautiful small school for girl's just outside the city of York.

Mrs Katherine Walker, Director or Marketing and Admission gave us a tour of the school and boarding houses. It was a quiet and peaceful tour, the first group of girls we saw were in the sports hall having a PE lesson and in the same building, there is a heated swimming pool.

We then strolled through the campus looking in classrooms some of which only had 6-8 girls in. We then visited a few boarding houses, the first was called Red House which is for Year 1 girls - a very sweet house (with a red door!) it offers a very warm and homely environment for young girls - Katherine said that 85% of the girl's were boarding which sounded perfect for international students at the weekends. After Red House we visited The Cottages which are boarding houses for Year 13 students. They were very amazing and offered the girls a great amount of independent living which is a great step towards university. There were only a small number of girls in each cottage and each of them had their own room as well as a communal kitchen. We spoke to one of the girls who recommended the school and boarding houses with great delight.

A huge thank you to everyone at Queen Margaret's for taking care of us. Best wishes, Will & Peggotty (WHG Head Office)

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