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Margaux in 'Lockdown'

Margaux (14 years-old) from Spain decided to stay in the UK during 'Lockdown'. She continued to live with her WHG host family and 20 minutes away from her twin sister Lara who also decided to stay with her host family.

Margaux - 'I wanted to stay here when lockdown began because I know that the situation in Spain is much worse and while I was talking to my coordinator from Spain, she told me that I would have to do again the same year in Spain as I no longer would have been able to do the homework sent from here. I also love my life here so I would really like to stay as long as I can. My parents also agree with me as they think it’s the best for me.
For me, living in lockdown hasn’t been very difficult as I know how to keep myself busy with different activities that I enjoy, like drawing and painting, playing the guitar, reading and running, plus my host mum has presented me a lot of activities for me to do in case I’m bored.
It’s true though that the beginning wasn’t very easy and I felt very sad that school was over as I wasn’t expecting it at all and I was just starting to make friends and to go out with them. I still sometimes feel sad but I know it’s normal and my sister and my parents are always there to support me. Living with Clare and Kevin during lockdown has been very good and I feel very lucky to have them as my parents. Here is the easter cake that I made and the eggs that I painted whilst in lockdown.'

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