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DBS Agrement and Consent Policy

Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate

It is our policy to undertake an Enhanced DBS check on all employees, host families and host family members over the age of 16 and every three years after the initial DBS check.

WHG DBS Procedure

Each DBS disclosure certificate is sent to the household member.

We ask all staff and host family members to send your DBS certificates to WHG on receipt from DBS to authorise WHG to scan a copy of your DBS certificate

  • I hereby certify that I agree to WHG taking a copy of my DBS disclosure in order for this to be passed to the relevant officer to update my records
  • In the case of members of a Host Family household, if you choose not to authorise us to hold a scanned copy of your DBS Certificate, we will be unable to place students. 

Please note: Scanned DBS disclosures are kept on an encrypted secure server and that the copies are securely destroyed in accordance with our full data policy.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 does not apply to positions which involve working with, or having access to children. Therefore, any convictions and cautions that would normally be considered ‘SPENT’ must be declared when applying for any position at WHG.

Proof of Identity

All applicants will be required to show identification such as a passport, driving licence, birth/marriage certificate etc. as proof of identity as set out in the ID checking guidelines for standard/enhanced DBS check applications. A shortcut to the guidelines can be found by following this link:


Recruitment of Host Families / Ex-offenders Recruitment in a HomeStay

No host families will be used if any of the members of the household have:

  • any convictions involving
    • violence within the last 10 years
    • crimes of a sexual nature
    • any offence involving a child;
  • had a child removed from their care by order of a court;
  • had their parental rights removed;
  • had an order made against them refusing or cancelling registration under the Nurseries and Child Minders Registration Act 1948.

Any other convictions not fitting the above criteria, will be reviewed by a WHG partner on a case by case basis.

White House Guardianships

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